Do you have a clogged lymphatic system?

Do you have a clogged lymphatic system?

We now know a clogged lymphatic system can lead to chronic dysfunction,  illness and disease. Your cells are simply unable to function correctly.

Your daily activities and quality of life can become affected!

We have reviewed how to identify if your lymphatic system is clogged or unable to keep up with the toxic substances in your body:

But what can trigger signs and symptoms of a lymphatic system that is  overwhelmed or even obstructed? LIFE!

But let’s get more specific…

Lack of Sleep 

Lack of Movement/Physical Activity


Chronic Inflammation

Frequent Headaches 

Sinus Infections


A Fracture that Never Completely  Heals

Emotional Trauma 



Hair Dye/Lotions/Tattoos


Excess Weight

Removal of Lymph Nodes 

Overuse Syndromes 


Chronic Tendinitis 

Feeling Stiff and Sore


Nutrient Deficiencies/Processed  Foods

When your drain at home is clogged, you call a plumber to unclog it and flush it.

When your lymphatic system is clogged, it requires a therapist to apply manual therapy to promote drainage of lymph so it gets filtered. It also requires teaching you a few things you can do at home to promote continuous drainage.

Stay tuned for a video from Lymphatics Canada to learn a super easy, fast and  fun way to #loveyourlymphatics daily.

If you have any questions about how your lymphatic system may be impacting your health, contact:
Joanne Ratte, RMT/MLD/CDT/ALT

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