Meet Margaret Wallis-Duffy

Margaret Wallis-Duffy is a an award winning passionate Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with over 30 years of experience running her own integrative wellness clinic and healthcare community. Having served the Brampton, Ontario community and beyond for decades, it is now her mission to equip all Canadians with the resources and knowledge to take their health into their own hands with Preventative Health Awareness Month and the Become the CEO of Your Health initiative. She is also passionate about mentoring other RMTs and helping to elevate the profession as a whole.

Margaret is a sought after engaging and inspiring speaker for many conferences across North America. She has been a media spokesperson for many health-related companies and as a result has appeared on many national TV and radio shows promoting the benefits of massage. This has helped to elevate the profession as a whole and to earn the respect that the profession deserves.

She has appeared on shows such as Cityline, The 5 on City TV, Health Matters on Rogers, Better Canadian Living TV on CTV and The Food Network, just to name a few. Her client list includes Johnson & Johnson Canada, Chattem Canada (manufacturer of ICY HOT®), Boiron Laboratories, Cottenelle, Poise, and Braun, just to name a few.